Audiveris is an open source software, published under the AGPL V3 license.

It is an Optical Music Recognition (OMR) application, featuring an OMR engine coupled with a dedicated editor.

It recognizes music from digitized images and converts it into computer-readable symbolic format. This enables further music processing by any external notation editor, most notably: digital playback, transposition and arrangement.

Audiveris provides outputs in two main digital formats: its OMR format and standard MusicXML format.

  • OMR is the Audiveris specific format, a documented open source format based on XML.
  • MusicXML has been designed for score interchange and is supported as input/output by almost every music notation program today.

Not any kind of sheet music can be handled. Audiveris engine has been designed to process scores written in the Common Western Music Notation (CWMN) with the following limitations:

  • Handwritten scores aren't supported (only printed scores are),
  • Graphic notation isn't supported,
  • Only common musical symbols are supported,
  • There is yet no support for drum/percussion notation.

Because the accuracy of OMR engine is still far from perfection, Audiveris application provides a graphical user interface specifically focused on quick verification and manual correction of the OMR outputs.

More sophisticated music editors, such as MuseScore or Finale, can be used on Audiveris MusicXML output. They can even be directly connected via simple plugins.

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