Standard folders

This is where, by default, Audiveris stores all score outputs, such as the .omr project files, the .pdf printouts, the .mxl MusicXML files.

Audiveris needs just one base folder, since all the outputs of a given input file are organized into a specific sub-folder, named according to the input radix.

For example, the processing of some "Bach_Fugue.tif" input file would result in a single specific "Bach_Fugue" folder containing "Bach_Fugue.omr", "Bach_Fugue.mxl" and perhaps "", etc.

OS default location

Windows <User Documents>\Audiveris
Linux (choice #1) $XDG_DATA_HOME/AudiverisLtd/audiveris
Linux (choice #2) $HOME/AudiverisLtd/audiveris
MacOS $HOME/Library/AudiverisLtd/audiveris/data

User modification

You can override this default base folder via either:

  • The -output <output-folder> CLI argument.
    (the modification is valid for this run only).
  • The pulldown menu Tools | Options dialog, by modifying the value of org.audiveris.omr.sheet.BookManager.baseFolder constant.
    (the modification persists between runs, until it is reset).

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