Audiveris Handbook

Applies to Version 5.1

Intended audience

This handbook is meant for Audiveris user. To ease the reading for a new comer as for a more advanced user, it is organized as a progressive sequence of chapters.

It is just a user manual, not a developer manual, although some material is made available through Audiveris Wiki to ease the software learning curve for any potential developer.

Handbook structure

  1. Overview: The purpose of Audiveris OMR software.

  2. Installation: How to install or build the program.

  3. Quick tour: A very early tour, just to introduce a minimal usage of the software.

  4. Main features: Thorough description of software main features.

  5. Manual edition: Specific chapter for manual corrections of OMR outputs.

  6. Advanced features: Features only relevant for an advanced usage of Audiveris.

  7. References: Not meant to be read from A to Z, just a collection of descriptions.

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