This menu appears via a right-click in sheet view.

It displays contextual information and actions that depend on the sheet latest processing step, the current location in sheet view and the selected items if any.

Some of its content also depends on user-selected Advanced Topics.


If at least one Inter instance has been selected, this sub-menu lists the selected Inters, ordered by decreasing grade.

It allows to delete Inter instance(s) or relation.


If at least one Glyph instance has been selected, the compound glyph (dynamically built by merging all selected glyphs) appears in this sub-menu.

It allows to assign a specific shape (via a created Inter) to the selected glyph.

Measure #n

If current location lies within a measure, this sub-menu provides actions upon the selected measure.

A measure is delimited horizontally by left and right bar-lines and vertically by top and bottom staves of the containing part.

Depending on which steps have already been performed, the user can:

  • Dump voices: display a kind of strip with time slots in abscissa and voices in ordinate.
  • Reprocess rhythm: force re-computation of rhythm data (slots and voices) in current measure.
  • Merge on right: merge current measure with the next measure on right.

Example of voices dump:

    |0       |1/16    |3/16    |1/4     |3/8     |7/16    |1/2
--- P1
V 1 |Ch#2325 ==================|Ch#2326 |Ch#2828 |Ch#2327 |1/2
V 5 |Ch#2347 |Ch#2348 |Ch#2349 |Ch#2350 |Ch#2351 =========|1/2

Slot #n

If RHYTHMS step has been reached, this sub-menu relates to the closest time-slot in containing measure stack.

For this time slot, the user can:

  • Dump chords: list all chords starting on this slot.
  • Dump voices: list all voices with chords starting on this slot.

Staff #n

If located within a staff (even beyond staff horizontal limits) this sub-menu displays vertical projections of whole staff and of staff header.


Extracts a rectangular portion (or whole) of the underlying binary image and save it to disk. This is meant for sharing or further analysis.

Limitation: The rectangular area selection is effective only from the Binary tab, not from the Data tab.

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