Output Formats

There are 3 possibilities for output of a transcribed score:

  • Output as OMR file for saving and later reloading of OMR data for additional processing, manual correction or production of other outputs.
  • Output as PDF file for direct use by a musician. It writes the resulting image into a PDF file, which is basically the content of the Picture/Binary tab in logical mode.
  • Output as MusicXML file for use in a score notation program. It writes a MusicXML file with the exported score entities.

In all cases, the output is created either in a subdirectory of the default output path (with the same name as the input file) or can be saved to a specific directory by using commands in the Book pulldown menu: Save Book as..., Print Book as..., Export Book as....

There exist similar commands in the Sheet pulldown menu to output just one sheet.

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