Inter board


Flag this entity as VIP, resulting in verbose processing information.


Dump main entity data into the log window.


Integer ID of entity.


The intrinsic grade value assigned to the Inter instance. Followed by the computed contextual grade, if any.


Button available to manually delete this interpretation.

(shape icon)

If available, the icon related to the Inter shape.

(shape name)

Name of the shape assigned to the Inter instance.


For a word inter, the modifiable word textual content.


For a sentence inter, the non-modifiable sentence textual content. Modifications can be performed at word level only.

(sentence role)

Role of the sentence (such as Direction, PartName, Rights, Lyrics, ...).

Nota: Lyrics is such a specific sentence role that it cannot be changed in an existing Inter. Instead, a new (lyrics) inter must be created.

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