Advanced Topics

Only standard features are visible by default in Audiveris user interface.

Some advanced features are gathered by Topics, that the end user can explicitly activate.

This is done via the Tools | Advanced Topics... pulldown menu.

Input Step

This box allows to define which step is automatically performed on an input file (regardless whether the image is opened or dropped).

Default Plugin

This allows to interactively choose a new default plugin among the declared ones, since by default the first declared plugin is set as the default one (See Plugins section).

Advanced Topics

Each of these topics can gather several related features.

  • SAMPLES deals with sample repositories and classifier training.
  • ANNOTATIONS deals with production of symbol annotations.
  • PLOTS deals with display of plots for scale, stem, staff or header projections.
  • SPECIFIC_VIEWS deals with specific sheet tabs (staff free, staff-line glyphs).
  • SPECIFIC_ITEMS deals with display of specific items on views (attachments, glyph axis, ...)
  • WINDOW_LAYOUT deals with layout of main window (such as hiding boards column),
  • DEBUG deals with many debug features (notably browsing a book hierarchy).

Note that an application restart is needed to take any modified selection into account, because of the various impacts this implies on UI elements.

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